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Patchnotes 3.2.5 [Maintenance 19.11.2022]


Maintenance 19.11.2022
Game version is now 3.2.5


  • - Added Custom Outfits.
  • - Added new Limited Skins set, Diablo.
  • - Added a new PvM Chest for Bosses, Dragonblood Package permanent and with 30 Days.
  • - Added upgrade success change in Wiki at equipments.


  • - From now on when there are multiple players dealing damage to a monster, Boss or Stone the one who deals the most damage will take the most of the drop.
  • - Fixed Test Dungeon Boss, because it didn't worked anymore.
  • - Fixed Izanami weaponskins, they were all equipped in the same position as the sword.
  • - Fixed Spectre Fan's icon.
  • - You can't craft items with the inventory locked anymore.
  • - Fixed the Jigsaw problem with forms getting out of the window.
  • - Fixed one problem related to the search shop filter, you couldn't search weapons by Hit Damage/Skill Damage.