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Maintenance 03.02.2022
Game version is now 3.3.7


  • Added Wiki guides for 6/7 Rarity & Dungeons Expert.
  • Added 2 more Wings at crafting at Theohawdan.
  • Added the Nox set at the limited offers. You can only buy them without bonuses and add bonuses with reinforcements. We removed the option with buying with directly bonuses, so you need to use the Reinforcements.
  • Added a new system Soul Lottery - The Fortune of the Gods where we will organize this event with various prizes as reward in exchange of 6 hours online per day.

Fixes & Changes

  • Dungeon notifications are now saved when you close the game too.
    You will receive a PM notification too.


  • Completly reworked the F6 Dungeon rankings.
    Now everything is saved properly and we will expand these rankings in the future to give rewards once a month maybe.
  • Festive armor & weapon reinforcements from the Christmas Event didn't worked from the last maintenance.
  • You can change the Mount even if you are riding another mount.
  • Fixed the Berserker skill for warrior that didn't give Strong vs. All(PvM).
  • Raised the drop of powders in the Beta maps.
  • Lowered the crafting requirements of the Pirate Pass in half.