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Maintenance 11.03.2023
Game version is now 3.4.6


  • Added Custom Outfits & Custom Guild Outfits.
  • Added some things for the next update with the Combat Zone reworked.


  • Bosses from Boss Scrolls will not have the drop doubled during Double drop event, because it was destroying the market, people saved up to 2000+ Boss Scrolls to use them during this event.
    The duration of the Double drop Boss Event will be increased considerably.
  • Added maximum Level 110 drop restriction back for Water, Air, Fire & Earth cats from Spring Event.
  • Added 2 more Kami(elemental cats) in the Snake Valley.
  • Added Boss kill notice at Snake Queen.
  • Added more stones in Arcanis, Desert (Elemental Zone), Fire Dragon Island, Thunder Mountains.
  • Increased the time until you were teleported to the next floor in Demon Tower dungeon when you killed Blue Death from 5 to 20 seconds.
  • Updated item description of Remove Reinforcement(C).
  • Updated Premium window benefits list.
  • Made Red Brances for Biologist to drop harder because they dropped way too many. Also deleted them all from inventories.
  • Lowered the change of dropping a Serpent Queen Chest from the Destiny Wheel.


  • Fixed Festive Weapon Reinforcement & Festive Armor Reinforcement. no time displayed in their description.
  • Fixed some issues at the Blackjack Event window.
  • Fixed an issue with characters outfits at select character.
  • Fixed an issue when moving items from special inventory and normal inventory.
  • Fixed that you could not see the damage you deal in some bosses because their names were too high up.
  • Fixed the issue with saved accounts, but unfortunately all the saved accounts were reset.
  • Fixed one problem in Dojang & Soul Lottery windows.