Patchnotes 3.4.7 [Maintenance 17.03.2023]



Maintenance 17.03.2023
Game version is now 3.4.7


  • Added a new chest in Item-Shop named Druid Chest where you can choose if you want your set to be for Stones or for Bosses.
  • Added two sets of limited offers, Victoria and Ascot sets.
  • Added a button to use Letter Event 10 times at once.
  • Added outline to the chat text so it will be more visible.
  • Added two filter options when using Search Shop: Wings Bless Level & Item Rarity Level.

Fixes & Changes:

  • Made all items from the Newcomer Chests permanent and lowered their bonus. You will receive the Newcomer Chest when you create a new character. The chest is also available at the General Store for people that don't have it anymore.
  • Changed the Beginner Battlepass prizes. Mainly added one more Buffi and Auto Pickup and removed the OX pet and mount because they were too OP and they were setting the players expectations too high for 2 days.
  • Monsters in Level 90+ Maps(beta ones) are no longer aggresive, they will not attack the player unless attacked first.
  • Almost all bosses will not spawn in the exact same spot every time, they will spawn a little bit to the side randomly and they will no longer be aggresive to avoid afk farmers.
  • Improved search shop function to search an item and added new subcategories.
  • Fixed some problems in PvP Tournament - Heroes Brawl event.
  • Fixed the translation of Expert Dungeon Bosses.
  • Fixed the prices of some items when sold at NPCs.
  • Fixed an issue in the offline shop item insert window when editing item price where the line always jumped to the end when trying to delete a value.
  • Fixed an issue at the Shadow Potion, the bonuses appeared 2 times and with different values.
  • Fixed translations on Turkish in chat, they were broken from the last maintenance.
  • Fixed the price when adding reinforcements to Weapons/Armors. Also, the required price was changed to 25,000,000 Yang.
  • Fixed HP bar on Monsters target board.
  • Fixed at Razador that you could change the channel and kill it again.
  • Fixed an issue with the message your account is already connected.
  • Fixed at shops that if you had your inventory full the bought items were dropped on the ground.
  • The game crashed on Spanish/Portuguese when you tried to join a full party.
  • Increased the amount of Mithril, Enchanted Scroll, Druid Potion, Soulless Scroll needed to craft Orisons to raise these item's prices.
  • At Premium System, you can now add 150 items in Offline Shop.
  • Changed the maximum amount of Yang a player can sell an item for to 5kkkk.
  • Made almost all NPCs bigger in size.
  • Now you can use "Test Boss" function at every level.
  • Adjusted the price of level 30 weapons from the weapon shop. Adjusted the price of items from the general store.
  • Removed the Anti-EXP button near experience because it already exists in Character Window[C].