Game Rules


It is forbidden to trade or even attempt to buy/sell in game items or accounts for real money (psf/bank/paypal/giftcards/CSGO items/LoL RP etc.).
It is forbidden to trade with the official server and other specific private servers (ask a staff member to know which ones).
Once a player has announced that they will sell or buy an account/items/yang for real money, even if they haven't gotten to the point of completing the trade, it is considered attempted trading and punishable as such. - Permanent ban
- One exception is the intention to buy with real money meaning the trade has not been done yet, in this case the account will be temporarily blocked for 14 days at the first violation. (does not apply to scams after the money has already been sent)


Trades between servers are only allowed if they made through our [INT] intermediaries using the Trade Ticket from the item shop.
Trades between servers made without our intermediary are not allowed and will get all your accounts banned.
You can get your account unbanned if you pay the equivalent of 10x Trade Tickets (or 100 Rodnia Coins).
- A player is not allowed to trade with the same server more than once every 2 months. - 14 days ban -> 30 days ban -> Permanent ban.
- We will not help with the "trade scams" on the server regarding the value / appearance of some items, it is the player's duty to inform himself about these before making a trade.


We will not recover items if you get scammed by borrowing your items/account to a "friend" that steals them, but if you have proof of the scam the "thief" will be banned. - Permanent ban
- The "thief" can be unbanned if he agrees to return items/account.


You can make chat announcements like "trade there for here" but NOT like "trade here for there", don't mention any server name, you are allowed to trade but you are not allowed to announce it in chat, only in PM.


Attempting to play Dice by announcing in general chat, PM, or any other attempt will be sanctioned by blocking the account for 30 days.
Dice is a prohibited method of obtaining items, punishable by - Warn -> 7 day ban -> 30 day ban.


Offensive language, spreading lies, hate or verbal abuse is forbidden (except in PM).
Racism and Xenophobia are not allowed even in PM.
Players that receive block chat and continue this behavior on another characters will get banned.
Any kind of offensive language directed to any staff member in chat or in PM is punished with a temporary ban without any prior warning.


Leaking profiles to social media/links to pictures, phone numbers or other personal data of players/staff is forbidden. - Mute -> 3 day ban -> 7 day ban


Making false accusations, without evidence, to stir up controversy among players/staff-members is forbidden. - 7 day ban


Legitimating as Game Administrator/Game Master or saying that you're friends/relatives with the Staff in order to trick players and mislead them is forbidden. - Permanent ban


Advertising another server is forbidden. - Permanent ban


NOT reporting bugs and using them for your own purposes is forbidden. - Permanent ban


Attempting to trick a player by getting him to break the rules or to steal his items, account, information by any means possible is forbidden. - Permanent ban


Inappropriate Nick Names, Mount & Pet Names, Shop Names and Guild Names are not allowed!
Also names like "ililiiilIliil" are NOT allowed.
We provide a Name Change Scroll to change your name. - 7 day -> permanent ban


Use of various forbidden software, hack, scripts, macro, external programs designed to provide a "boost" in game is forbidden. - 3 day ban for macro/autoclicker - permanent ban for hack.


Using various colors to write in chat or in PM without Premium is forbidden. - 3 day ban


Stealing items/accounts using different databases from other servers is forbidden. - Permanent ban


Disturbing staff members by testing their knowledge in an abusive way or challenging various decisions taken in competitions, events, rules or recruitment is forbidden.


Each player can only be helped once if he/she:
- Selected the wrong bonuses when purchasing an item from the item-shop only if you notice us sooner than 24 hours after the incident. (bonuses will be fixed, no refund will be made)
- Deleted an item by mistake only if you notice us sooner than 24 hours after the incident. (does not apply in case of items sold by mistake on the shop at a lower price or in case of upgraded items that fail)


It is forbidden to accuse the staff of "favoring" without concrete evidence. (ban 7 days -> ban 90 days)


Duels/war on other servers with betting with Items/yang/etc. from here are forbidden. - warning -> 7 day ban -> permanent

* The Administrators reserves the right to change the rules at any time as well as the right to make decisions that are NOT included in the current rules.
Last modified: 13/01/2022