Patchnotes 3.3.5 [Maintenance 18.01.2023]


Maintenance 18.1.2022
Game version is now 3.3.5


  • Added new Limited Offers, Lumos set.
  • Added custom outfits.

Fixes & Changes

  • Fixed Jubilee Costume on Shaman F & Warrior M.
  • Fixed an issue at Letters Event.
  • Removed Blessing Scroll from general store and added it to Moonlight Chest.
  • Removed Magic Stone from Moonlight Chest, now it can be obtained from General Store with 10x Blessing Scrolls.
  • Changed drop of multiple chests to re-add the market value of some items.
  • Changed bonuses, duration and crafting for Pirate Earrings.
  • Made all dungeon craftable costumes & hairstyles wearable for both genders and changed their bonuses.
  • Removed useless items required for crafting at some NPCs.
  • Added stone zones in beta maps(Fire Dragon Island, Chaos/Nephrite Sanctuary, Thunder & Gautama), and changed the look of these maps. This change was made as a preparation for the future updates with Reputation & Expert Dungeons
  • Raised the HP of beta stones and mobs.
  • Added more mobs in the end of V4 and removed the archers.
  • Changed the location of Water Elemental Stones.
  • Lowered the crafting requirements for elemental skins from Shen.
  • Made the Hero Hourglass more expensive.