Patchnotes 3.7.2 [Maintenance 02.10.2023]

Maintenance 02.10.2023
Game version is now 3.7.2

  • Added Octomber Battlepass.
  • Added Octomber Event Calendar.
Fixes & Changes
  • The resistances of Kaom, Avarius, Nerius and Event Worldboss have been increased.
  • We lowered all the resistance of the world's bosses before adding this new system, to get you comfortable with this new system. But we want to leave a challenge and still a competition.
  • Fixed Alastor's regen problem, it doesn't regenerate at all.
  • Raise the number of ingots obtained from Epic Chest.
  • Fixed the wrong information in Water Energy Quest window.
  • Remove metins & bosses bonuses from level 61 shields.